Apollo Smart Lights

Apollo Smart Lights partnering with Viper Networks has a full selection of intelligent LED lighting solutions that can easily be deployed into metropolitan areas, parking lots and warehousing facilities. LED Lighting is not only efficient but has the ability to incorporate a variety of technologies into a single design.

One of our strongest traits is system integration. There are many stand alone products available but only by bringing them together; a meaningful application will be created. Hardware and software engineering is the center of system integration using all kinds of interface protocols. Many single capabilities will form a new powerful and complex solution. The end product will usually generate new IP. We are ready for any challenges a customer may have.

Integrity is of the utmost importance at Apollo Smart Lights, and our Board of Directors plays an integral role in overseeing the policies and procedures that insure our corporate integrity. The focus of our Board of Directors is to ensure the long-term success of Apollo Smart Lights while representing the interests of our shareholders.